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Peanut kernel
Date posted : 08:00:00 01-01-1970
Red Shallot
The shallot (Allium cepa var. Aggregatum, or the A. cepa Aggregatum Group) is a botanical variety of the species Allium cepa. To which the multiplier onion also belongs.The Shallot was formerly classified as a separate species, A. Ascalonicum, a name now considered a synonym of the currently accepted name. The genus Allium Which includes onions and garlic as well as shallots, is now classified in the plant family Amaryllidaceae, but was formerly considered to belong to the separate family Alliaceae.
The possible health benefits of consuming shallots include lowering the risk of several types of cancer, improving mood and maintaining the health of skin, hair, bones, blood pressure, …
+ Name: Fresh Red Shallot
+ Grade: A
+ Size: 2.5-3.0cm, 3.0cm-4.0cm, 4.0cm and up
+ Crop Year: current year
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