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Tapioca starch
Date posted : 08:00:00 01-01-1970
Tapioca starch
      Cassava has many names across many continents. The English word is cassava, but in South American in the area around Brazil it is called madioca. In Africa where French is spoken it is called manioc. In Spanish-speaking countries it is called yuca. Here in Asia we call it tapioca.
      Tapioca starch is used for food and industry. Vietnam is currently one of the two largest producer and exporter of tapioca flour in the world, after Thailand
Multiple Uses of Tapioca Starches

Tapioca starch is not only for household consumption. It is also used as a raw material for products in number of industries, as follows:
1. Food and beverage industries
2.Sweetener industries
3. Textile industry
4. Paper industry
5. Glue industry
6. Plywood industry 
7. MSG and lysine industries
8. Medical industry 
9. Biodegradable materials 
10. Charcoal briquette

      These diverse applications make the undeniable note that cassava is the very important crop for Vietam agriculture and the development of industrials in general. No matter what form it may take, the benefits remain unchanged.
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