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Cassava Starch From Body Can Do Food For The 30 Million

      Experts said that the use of cassava flour from the trunk can supply food to more than 30 million people without using more land for cultivation.
     Researchers at the University of Agricultural Science in Sweden and China Agricultural University said: Today, the industry interested in using cassava starch increased. However, this does not mean that we need to use food storage or expansion of land to increase production.
     Instead, they said that the trees should be discarded cassava use their full potential. Finally, 30% or more of body weight cassava can be used, although in this study was 15% new user.
      Lead researcher - Mr. Shaojun Xiong Food Navigator replied that the data in this report has not achieved what he believes it can.
     Researchers to expect that if the body can replace cassava cassava starch products in 2030 there will be an additional 100 million people were provided food.
    This report presents three scenarios: starch extracted from the trunk using a simple process using water extraction, using the extraction technology and ultimately higher projected ooan for the development of products bourgeois.
     "Feedstocks used more effectively with a combination of Food and Fuel. Flour Cassava Research and data are increasing, more pollutants are minimized when relative cassava is included in combination with starch and fuel (starch + biodiesel + biogas) - Co-author of the study Torbjorn Lestander he said.
     Mr. Xiong said that this study is only used at the decoding capability of starch extracted from the trunk san.Ong that with greater financial resources they can achieve more than 15% as the present study. "Technology is very simple, just use the water ... We look forward to low-income people who can do this. That is why we use a very simple method and in this case reached 15%. If we use more advanced methods, the result will be more, "he said.
     Lestander added; "The technique is extremely simple. Just grinding cassava into flour and put them in cold water, will sink peg this powder bottom (look like small stones).
Cassava has a lot of starch and can be processed into flour food, ... and fed to confirm 0.5 to 1 billion people in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
     Research not only interested in food issues, and also to find out the potential to be used to generate bioenergy
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