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Cassava starch processing

As an important raw material in the production and life
In nature, starch is a carbohydrate naturally formed in huge quantities. It is found in the tubers, seeds and fruits of plants. Starch provides energy plants during sleep and sprouting plants. It is also the most important source of energy in animals and humans. 1 starch plays a vital role in our lives. The statistical data shows that today there are more than 4 thousand starch applications. 
Natural Cool and commercial value starches used mainly include starch, potato starch, corn starch and wheat starch. From the comparison of starches, We Know là cassava starch composition and properties of potato starch is almost identical with corn starch and wheat starch and are much better. Also, in terms of price, the price of potato starch with starch is much Higher. Advantages With the compelling features and price of, demand for cassava is tăng sharply in all over the world. At the same time, the general orientation for health has created attention and a desire for food Growing the technology does not use genetically modified of (GMOs).

Food ingredients do not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism - genetically modified organisms): 
High-GMO cornstarch and potato starch can also be processed as part of GMOs. Therefore, people choose starch instead of potato starch or cornstarch for food processing, because the starch does not contain GMOs.
The use of tapioca (cassava):
Used as fillers:
Increase the solids content in canned soups, ice cream, fruit preservatives, pharmaceuticals.
Use as binders:
Mounting the product and prevent dry during cooking, such as sauces and preserved meat, .......
Used as stabilizers:
Use high water retention of the starch as used in creams, baking powders, ....
Used in the textile industry:
Lake along the thread to do only limited and splitting off the thread on the loom (modified starch is more appropriate for this application)
Dyes used in printing on textiles: gelling dye substances act as chromophore.
Hu finished fabrics to improve fabric strength and weight.
Used as a thickener:
Use features to create thick, used in soups, baby food, sauces, sauces, .....
Used in the paper industry:
Increased durability, resistant folding waterproof paper .....
Công ty Hoàng Đăng

Improvement of paper bonded and durability. For whirlpool papers, paper sheets and cardboard boxes.
Used as an adhesive in the industry:
Gypsum ceiling board.
Livestock food (fish and shrimp feed livestock animals).Plastic packaging can decompose.
Industry tires.
Industry plywood.
Starch production technology advanced:
Diagram of cassava starch processing company Hong Phat Private Company as follows:
Manioc (tapioca) Tay Ninh - Vietnam has a high starch content (over 30%) and high yield due to be planted in fertile soil.
  HOANG DANG PROCESSING FOODSTUFF CO., LTD procurement from farmers fresh cassava, cassava material must undergo laboratory sampling to determine the levels of starch before being put into processing.
        Major equipment are imported from Japan, Europe and China. With modern systems this equipment and experienced technical, production processes are checked and controlled accurately and strictly to provide our customers quality products best starch.

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