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Nghe An: Exports 2,700 tons of peanuts on

Date posted : 14:42:09 09-08-2018
In general, this year's peanut harvest seasons later but right from the start the harvest, the northern border traders were in Nghe An purchasing survey gave optimistic market becomes more active than the previous year, under which a higher value is lost.
Currently the Vietnam-China border traders continue to buy peanuts in bulk Nghe An average of 7-8 vehicles per day, equivalent to 200-230 tonnes with procurement prices stable. Specifically, peanut bucket from 36.5 to 37,500 VND / kg, but now the price has decreased optimism because the RMB exchange rate fell, but overall prices still higher than the same period lost 2015 people in Nghe An Lac enterprises have been purchasing the south but with the amount is not much.
Vo Minh Tuan Anh import management Deputy Head, Department of Trade and Industry said that since the beginning of the northern traders and Chinese merchants has entered the Nghe An to purchase. Under these circumstances leadership has assigned the Department of Trade and Industry Department of Management market forces to coordinate with localities functional organization proactively monitor, inspect and supervise the procurement of agricultural products in the province, detect and deal with those organizations and individuals that commit acts of buying and selling goods contrary to the provisions of law. On the other hand guiding and enabling merchants to quickly and conveniently purchase and avoid losses to the state budget.
According to data reported by the Bureau of pears, peanut planting area reached 14735.7 hectares spring (down 371.3 ha compared to 2015). Productivity is expected to reach 24.34 quintals / ha, production is estimated at 35 868 tonnes of fresh optimism. After so except breeding and consumption in the province is about 30%, about 10,000 tons of peanuts consumed domestically and exported.
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